Cheese Selection

Cheese Selection

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1 x 250g Manchego D.O.P. - Unpasteurised sheep's milk cheese from La Mancha aged for 12 months. Awarded Silver at the World Cheese Awards 2016. 

1 x 150g Sheep's cheese with truffle - Made from pasteurised sheep's milk and matured for at least 105 days. Infused with truffle, this cheese has dark streaks running through it and an intense aroma and flavour.

1 x 250g Murcia al vino - Pasteurised goat's milk cheese from the mountains of Murcia soaked in local red wine. Awarded Gold at the World Cheese Awards 2016. 

1 x 100g Valdeon - Pasteurised cow’s and goat’s milk blue cheese matured in the limestone caves of the Picos de Europa and wrapped in maple leaves. 

1 x 150g membrillo

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