Rice, Paprika & Saffron

Paella Rice

When cooked, paella rice is relatively firm in the middle and softer on the outside. This distinguishes it from an Italian risotto where all of the rice grain is soft and creamy.

Vaporized Paella rice


A longer grain variety of rice perfect for paella if it needs to be pre-prepared or available to eat for an extended period as it can't be overcooked.

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Paella Rice (D.O. Arroz de Valencia)

1KG cloth bag

Traditional Valencian paella rice Bahia-Senia Variety

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Smoked Paprika

D.O. Pimentón de la Vera has a distinctly smokey flavour that comes from the process of slowly smoke-drying the peppers with huge amounts of oak wood.





The worlds finest D.O. La Mancha saffron for paella and other rice dishes.

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