Olives, Capers & Pickles

Black Olives


Gordal Queen olives

Queen Gordal Olives


Our delicious olives in a resealable pack. Pitted in brine.
"I need these in my life!"-Michelle - London

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Queen Gordal Olives - unpitted 4kg

2.5kg dry weight

These extremely large olives have been raved about by our customers for years. Unpitted in brine.
This works out at £1.00 per 100g

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Pickles, Garlic & Capers


120g jar

Pickled Basque Green Chilli Peppers, great in sandwiches or a nice cold beer.

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370ml jar

Firm and tasty, they are used as a condiment or as part of hors d'oeuvres and to add flavour to any kind of salad.

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