Manchego D.O.P. - Curado - Raw milk

Approx 250g wedge

Spain's most famous sheep’s milk cheese, Manchego is a firm, slightly open textured cheese with a nutty flavour. (aged 6 months)

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Murcia Al Vino D.O.P.

600g truckle

Creamy soft goats milk cheese washed in local red wine from Murcia to give a floral bouquet and delicious edible skin.

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Manchego D.O.P. - 750g

750g Truckle

Grand Valle de Montecello- A pasteurised variety, Silver winner at the world cheese awards and the most awarded Manchego in Spain. Aged for 9-12 months

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Valdeón Picos Blue - world cheese awards Gold medal

500g Truckle

Made with mixed cow, goat and ewe milk this strong, spicy blue cheese has a smooth rich flavour and creamy texture. Artisan made in the mountains of "Picos de Europa", hand wrapped in maple leaves and cured in abandoned mines.

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Rosemary Artisan Sheep Cheese 3kg

Approx 3kg

An unpasteurised version from Valdehierro dairy.
GOLD winner at the 2014 world cheese awards.
Aged for 6 months and wrapped in rosemary. OUTSTANDING!

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Manchego "Valdehierro" Artisan Viejo

Approx 3kg

An unpasteurised version from Valdehierro dairy and voted best in class by the Manchego Brotherhood of La Mancha.
Aged for 12 - 16 months.

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Valdeon Picos de Europe Blue

Approx 2.5kg

It is full bodied, aromatic and rich with lingering tart and salty undertones.
GOLD in 2014 world cheese awards and one of the worlds great blues.

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Iberico queso - 3 months


A mixed cheese of cow milk 50%, goat milk 30% and sheep milk 10%, similar to a young Manchego and perfect for melting for cheese tart or in sandwiches. One of the most popular cheeses in Spain.

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