Trevélez Serrano - Ham, Stand & Knife set

Trevélez Serrano - Ham, Stand & Knife set



Trevelez I.G.P. Reserve Jamon Serrano

The Trevelez village at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains is renowned as the finest producers of serrano ham in the world and this is the premium offering from this artisan cooperative.

A 17 month cured Serrano ham with a D.O. registered status. The high altitude allows the curing process to use less salt than usual leading to a sweet soft texture which is why many believe this ham to be one of the finest in the world.

Storage and cutting

When you receive your Jamon we recommend removing from the vacuum packaging and giving a quick wipe down with a dry cloth and then storing in a dry, cool and preferably dark area and covered in a cloth or towel for protection. You can keep it like this for around a month but obviously these are not the perfect storage conditions normally associated with the drying sheds they are usually stored in.

When you are ready to start cutting firstly place in the Jamonero ham stand and follow the instructions included with your delivery.

Your jamon should last 4-6 weeks as long as you cut frequently and follow the storage instructions included.

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Serrano ham can be eaten thin sliced  with olives and a great manchego as part of a cold platter or in replacement of any dishes using Parma ham, we also recommmend any left over ham is diced and turned in to delicious Serrano croquetas so none should ever be wasted.