José Páez Lobato Sweet PX

José Páez Lobato Sweet PX



Characterised by intense dark mahogany colour this sweet vinegar is derived from the sherry of the same name. Its sharp aroma is reminiscent of sun-dried grapes, toasted coffee or liquorice. Its defining features are its smooth sweetness on the palate.

Made with Pedro Ximénez Sherry wine, this smooth vinegar has a beautiful dark mahogany colour and amazing aromas of sun-dried grapes and licorice. It's the perfect vinegar for dressing salad or marinating chicken. For a true surprise, try it over strawberries!

 - The taste is unbelievably smooth and complex.
 - The sharp aroma of sun-dried grapes and licorice makes it the perfect combination of sweet and bold.
 - Best used as a marinade for grilled meats.