Black pepper Tenderloin - LOMO

Black pepper Tenderloin - LOMO


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A Bellota team favourite there is always one of these in the fridge for the end of day reward with a nice cold sherry or white wine.
This delicately sweet tenderloin has been cured for 5 months in a natural casing with a black pepper crust to give a delicious and unique treat.

Hand made by our friendly butcher "El Chorillo" this is a truly artisan produced product from the world famous cooperative village Trevelez at the top of the Sierra Nevada mountains renowned for it's incredible hams and unique curing properties.

How long do they last?

Wrap well to stop the air drying any further and this will last for weeks once opened.

Recipe tip

This really doesn't need much but maybe some other slices of meat and slither of manchego with some crusty bread.