Morcón Ibérico Whole piece

Morcón Ibérico Whole piece



A staff favourite this sweet and leaner version of chorizo is rich with Iberico Bellota flavour from Guiljuelo, Salamanca. The pigs have also been acorn fed to give it the distinctive Pata Negra taste.

Guiljuelo is in the foothills of the Sierra de Gredos and Béjar which has long been associated with Iberico production and accounts for 70% of national ham output.
The region is over 1000 metres high and experiences long hard winters and short summers which leads to the prized characteristics gained during curing.

Bellota pigs are allowed to roam freely in the unique Mediterranean meadows dotted with oaks, holm and a rich variety of grasses eating natural foods in the pure air.
From October to February the staple food of the pigs are acorns which are rich in Oleic acids and responsible for the rich fats which melt in your mouth and give the distinctive taste and aroma. The free range nature of the pigs also allows the fats to penetrate the muscles giving an even marbling throughout the meat.

Torreon ibericos are revered master curers from Guiljuelo, Salamanca.

How long do they last?

Due to the shape they store well hanging in the kitchen without drying and so you can just keep coming back and shaving little slices for weeks.

Recipe tip

When not on the mixed meat platter another great option is in a crusty baguette with a soft cheese and some guindillas.