Salchichón Ibérico 1/2 piece

Salchichón Ibérico 1/2 piece



This is a rich and meaty Iberico Bellota salami from Extremadura the region renowned as the home of Iberico meats. Acorn fed for extra flavour this is the king of salami and must be tried to appreciate the difference from standard salami.

Bellota pigs are allowed to roam freely in the unique Mediterranean meadows dotted with oaks, holm and a rich variety of grasses eating natural foods in the pure air.
From October to February the staple food of the pigs are acorns which are rich in Oleic acids and responsible for the rich fats which melt in your mouth and give the distinctive taste and aroma. The free range nature of the pigs also allows the fats to penetrate the muscles giving an even marbling throughout the meat.

Torreon ibericos are revered master curers from Guiljuelo, Salamanca.

How long do they last?

Keep well wrapped in the fridge for many weeks when opened

Recipe tip

When not on the mixed meat platter another great option is in a crusty baguette with a soft cheese and some gerkins.