Chorizo Ibérico 1/2 piece

Chorizo Ibérico 1/2 piece



This is a mild heat chorizo rich in Iberico Bellota flavour from Extremadura . This is a premium product and cannot be compared to any other varieties of chorizo and well worth the extra cost.
Bellota pigs are allowed to roam freely in the unique Mediterranean meadows dotted with oaks, holm and a rich variety of grasses eating natural foods in the pure air.
From October to February the staple food of the pigs are acorns which are rich in Oleic acids and responsible for the rich fats which melt in your mouth and give the distinctive taste and aroma. The free range nature of the pigs also allows the fats to penetrate the muscles giving an even marbling throughout the meat.


How long do they last?

If you can fit them in the fridge then they will last in the packaging for months but you can remove them from their wrapper and hang somewhere dry (kitchen) for many weeks, you may have to discard the first slice if you have not used for a while.

Recipe tip

We like to thinly slice the chorizo and also a few slices of potato the same thickness and crisp in some oil , then sprinkle with a herb salt for a delicious snack.